Reproductive System Disorders


 Now a day’s Infertility is on a rising problem in both men and women. Couples are  anxious to conceive, It has become a common problem. The issue of not being able to conceive is highly emotional issue.

It might be due to many causes, including hormonal imbalances in one or both partners. Infertility has become a more serious problem in the past century, and its causes are mostly related to our way of life. Smoking, drinking and an unhealthy diet, together with high levels of stress, will definitely affect your ability to conceive, creating imbalance in your body. 

Numerous infertility cases have been treated successfully with homeopathic medicine by treating the cause behind the problem either in men or women and later by the careful selection of the most suitable homeopathic remedies over the course of treatment can give very successful results especially when in association with healthy living, healthy diet and nutritional support.


               Pregnancy is the perfect field of action for homeopathic remedies. The mother can safely use homeopathic medicines during the entire gestational period for the classical disorders of pregnancy. The doctor can prescribe a treatment to the pregnant woman to prevent the child from acquiring hereditary predispositions .The homeopath can prepare and improve the genetic predisposition of the baby by giving the mother the constitutional and reactive mode remedies of both parents, during her pregnancy.

             All of the changes that take place in the mother during the pregnancy are extremely important for understanding the future health of the mother and her child.

        Homeopathic treatment is particularly helpful during pregnancy, to prepare the mother and the child for delivery. Homoeopathy remedies helpful for complaints during and after pregnancy as well as during and after labour. It reduces anxiety in mothers.              It helps for morning sickness, constipation, backache, thyroid, diabetes, hypertension, convulsions, anaemia, UTI, heartburn etc during pregnancy. It also prevents unnecessary complications to child caused by drugs used for above treatment. It promotes a safe labour and avoids complications from excess loss of blood. After pregnancy its useful in milk production, breast abscess, mood disturbances etc.




Many women's health problems are definitely treatable by homeopathic medicines. Therapeutic effect of  homeopathic medicines are used in Leucorrhoea, excess bleeding, very less bleeding or no menses at all  (Amenorrhea), dysmenorrhea(painful menses). They might be due to PCOD, thyroid or fibroids in the uterus, cancer of uterus, endometritis,  Dysfunctional uterine bleeding etc. Homoeopathy also helps a lot in PMS, menopausal disorders, pruritis vulvae, cervicitis, abortions etc

Using the contraceptives and fertility pills are dangerous to the patient, especially hormonal treatments which are often carcinogenic and shows side effects. For instance oestrogen given for hot flashes and vaginal dryness, causes unwanted fat and water retention, and increase the risk of endometrial cancer and breast cancer. Disease usually originates in the body long before symptoms appear. Homeopathy focuses on understanding initial causes of disease, not waiting to treat later pathology. Homeopathy is an effective and safe alternative to synthetic hormones.