Pediatric and Homeopathy


    Pregnancy is the perfect field of action for homeopathic remedies. The mother can safely use homeopathic medicines during the entire gestational period for the classical disorders of pregnancy. The doctor can prescribe a treatment to the pregnant woman to prevent the child from acquiring hereditary predispositions .The homeopath can prepare and improve the genetic predisposition of the baby by giving the mother the constitutional and reactive mode remedies of both parents, during her pregnancy.

                 All of the changes that take place in the mother during the pregnancy are extremely important for understanding the future health of the mother and her child.

            Homeopathic treatment is particularly helpful during pregnancy, to prepare the mother and the child for delivery. Homoeopathy remedies helpful for complaints during and after pregnancy as well as during and after labour. It reduces anxiety in mothers.
                    It helps for morning sickness, constipation, backache, thyroid, diabetes, hypertension, convulsions, anaemia, UTI, heartburn etc during pregnancy. It also prevents unnecessary complications to child caused by drugs used for above treatment. It promotes a safe labour and avoids complications from excess loss of blood. After pregnancy its useful in milk production, breast abscess, mood disturbances etc.


    Role Of Homeopathy In Children.
  • There are many ways where homoeopathy is helpful for children. Homoeopathy helps from newborn to till they become teens.

  • Homoeopathy is useful for in new-borns rash, diarrhoea, asphyxia, jaundice, retention of urine, inflammation of umbilicus, hernia, eyes inflammation, liver disorders etc.

  • As they grow homoeopathy is useful if there is delay in milestones, autism, ADHD, tonsils, adenoids, behavioural problems, learning and walking difficulties, endocrinal disorders, malnutrition, enuresis, asthma, urticaria, convulsions, fevers, teething problems, migraines etc.

  • From minor to major all problems are dealt depending on age and severity of disease. Treatment is given along with auxillary methods where necessary.