Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentristry

We know that taking your kids for a dental check-up has  never been easy! Our child friendly environment equipped with toys will encourage your child to look forward for his/her next appointment.  

What does the kids specialist perform at   Srikakula's Health Care

Comprehensive Oral Evaluation and Assessment using advanced diagnostics

    • Preventive Dental Care
      – Fluoride Treatments
      – Oral Hygiene Instructions
      – Pit and Fissure Sealants
      – Pulpotomy and crowns
    • Laser dentistry
    • Pediatric emergencies
    • Habit counseling
    • Straightening of teeth
    • Habit breaking appliances
    • Space maintainers


Why is it important that you care for your child’s primary teeth right from the eruption of their first teeth itself?

  • Scientific evidence has  shown  children with decayed milk teeth would most likely experience decay in their permanent teeth as well.
  • Primary Teeth encourage healthy eating habits. Your child learns to chew food properly and maintain good nutrition
  • Milk teeth also enable your child to speak clearly and learn proper pronunciation.
  • Primary teeth establish spaces in the jaw needed for permanent teeth eruption .
  • Primary teeth removed before their natural  exfoliation can lead to loss of space for permanent teeth  that  consequently  may create serious dental problems during adulthood.
  • Proper milk teeth will help your child feel good about him/her and encourage a positive self image.