Nervous System Disorders


A neurological disorder (long term) is a range of conditions affecting the brain or spinal cord which occur due to

  • Sudden onset conditions (acquired brain injury , stroke, spinal cord injury)
  • Intermittent conditions (epilepsy)
  • Progressive condition ( Multiple sclerosis, Motor neuron disease, Parkinson's, Huntington's disease)
  • Stable condition with/without age related degeneration (polio, cerebral palsy)

Homeopathy medicines has all the answers for memory loss(DEMENTIA), mental fatigue leading to poor concentration, weak brain development leading to loss of academic performance or poor work output and other mental ailments.

A neurological condition may not be life-threatening but it can have significant impact on everyday life (social, work & Psychological) and on participation in activities. In children affected by ADHD, autism, dyslexia or any number of neuro behavioural disorders it affects the whole family and requires help from conventional methods which enhances improvement in their daily lives.

Homeopathy is focused on assessment of each person as an individual rather than advising the exact same approach and treatment for all patients diagnosed with neurological disorder. This patient centered approach is reassuring to many patients and therapists too who rely on evidence based practice. It offers reassurance that interventions will be safe, effective and proved to have worked elsewhere.


Most of the psychiatric disorders are due to the physical illness. As soon as physical illness disappears there would be peace of mind. Pure psychiatric disorders are rare. A simple consolation and treatment to physical illness cures many cases.

                     Homoeopathy plays an important role in many psychiatric disorders such as alcoholism, behavioural problems, depression. There will be improvement in mental retardation cases when given at time and proper age.

Homoeopathy aims at a reintegration of the total self, with a reduction of unhealthy psychological regression, blockages and isolation. The homoeopathic prescription and general approach towards the person helps to lessen the denial of painful hurts and memories, which can then be easily brought to the surface, recalled, understood and discussed. This quite naturally leads to a strong personality, confidence and to greater insights. Being able to tolerate mixed feelings and painful memories, previously thought impossible, leads to lessening of the related physical or psychosomatic symptoms, with a considerable release of energy, well being and drive. In the correct remedy there is a slow emergence of the bruised aspect of the personality into the light of more adult maturity and understanding so that a softening of earlier resentments and scar can occur.